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SİMTEK professional training needs offers new technologies besides conventional methods.
“Applied Training” is the most effective way for a trainee to learn the missions, tools, equipment, and coordination. Simulators, serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality technologies can be used for training. These methods use technologically different infrastructures. One of These methods can be preferred, and combinations of these methods can be used. 

Serious games, virtual reality, and augmented reality are cutting-edge technologies that are becoming increasingly popular for training and simulation purposes. Simulators emerged earlier and are more commonly used than virtual reality and augmented reality. Simulation technology has been used in various fields such as industrial and military training, medicine, and aviation for many years. Virtual reality and augmented reality have become popular in recent year.All three technologies are related to each other due to their similar aspects and play an important role in the digital transformation process. SİMTEK is very ambitious and successful in these methods and professional training.

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