All-in-One AR Platform Solution

Studio is an augmented reality content editor developed by SiMTEK. 3D models, text, video and audio elements can be added to scenes created in 3D environment. Expression of the scenes can be enhanced by preparing animations with 3D models. The user can enrich and customize the 3D model library. Customizable text and audio elements allow the user to create more detailed scenes. Procedures can be created by combining available scenes.

Prepared procedures and scenes can be previewed, animations and contents can be previewed in real time. Scenes can be saved, loaded and modified. The scenes can be saved individually or loaded for use in different scenes or made part of different procedures. The content to be displayed with augmented reality is created quickly and easily with the interface and simplified use of Studio.

  • Studio is a graphic content design tool specialized for augmented reality applications.
  • Every content displayed in a STAR application can be designed from scratch using Studio.
  • User can create/save/load/modify a procedure.
  • STudio allows to arrange “aspect ratio” of the application.
  • Each procedure consists of many scenes like real worlds maintenance procedure. User can manage each scene and procedure.
  • User can preview the created scene or preview the whole procedure.
  • User can create animations depend on time, loop the animation, preview the animations.
  • Created animations can be connected to each other in a hierarchical way by the user.
  • Scene settings available for user like light, brigthness..
  • User can create/add/remove/modify text information in a different style (font, color, size,type…)
  • User can add/remove/loop sound files.
  • User can add/remove video files.

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