Forward Air Control Trainer

Simulation of a process or system in a realistic manner provides great advantages for saving effort and safety. Developing situations to challenge or test trainees is sometimes accomplished through scenarios involving role playing. The objective is to create pressure in which participants become apparent to the interpersonal dynamics and communications. Human and organizational errors are decreased as an outcome of this process.

Real time and risk free training environments can be done with simulations and simulators. SiMTEK has developed Forward Air Controller Trainer for TurAF to improve skills for targeting and close air support mission in a high-fidelity simulated environment.

Forward Air Controller Trainer has been developed for Turkish Air Force to improve skills for targeting mission and close air support mission.

It is the first and the only one Forward Air Controller Trainer of Turkey which enables the Forward Air Controller to be trained in a safe environment and with low cost method.

All systems and capabilities that are used by Forward Air Controller has been simulated in high-fidelity level.

All hardwares, all simulations and related infrastructures have been developed by SIMTEK. Simulator has been designed in a modular architecture and developed sub-systems are listed below:

  • Radio Simulation
  • Laser Marking and Distance Measuring Simulation
  • ROVER IV Simulation
  • Portable Link-16 Ground Unit Simulation
    • 15-Line Message
    • Free text Message
  • Networking (HLA)
  • FAC Sound Simulation
  • Control of Training
  • Training Record and Playback
  • Mirror, Smoke, Signal Flare Simulations

New features added to Forward Air Controller Trainer II in 2020;

  • IR Pointer Simulation
  • Artillery View Simulation
  • Move Ability with the joystick
  • 9-Line Message
  • Illumination Flare Simulation

NATO certified Training Simulation

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