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SİMTEK provides on-site support remotely to technician who need guidance in maintenance/repair operations via software called RASST (Remote Assistance). RASST connects the technician to the expert to get remote on-site support and prevents loss of time and money. RASST provides this service over wireless network or mobile network.

RASST streams the view of augmented reality glasses or tablet which is used by the technician to the expert who is in different location. Expert can help to the technician by creating instructions on shared view by using tool menu, voice or text, whichever he/she prefers. Expert can share a video or URL to help solving the problem more efficiently.

Expert can select a specific object as a point of interest on the shared view using RASST. Even if, the technician moves the camera or changes its field of view; instructions given by expert can be adapted to the new field of view. RASST(Remote Assistance) allows to work on more than one point of interest at the same time by using advanced image processing methods. With RASST, expert can give on site support remotely more than one technician at the same time.

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