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SİMTEK team has over 20 years of experience in training technology.

It is an effective way for a trainee to learn the mission with the tools, machinery and equipment. Simulators, serious games, virtual reality, augmented reality technologies can be used for "Applied Training". These methods use technologically different infrastructures. One of These methods can be preferred and combinations of these methods can be used.

SİMTEK develops Augmented Reality solutions, Virtual Reality training platforms and Simulators.

ESABOR (Interactive Maintenance and Repair Guide) has been developed and is designed to help employees in maintenance/repair/usage process. These processes are displayed to the user during work with the help of a tablet or Augmented Reality glasses. It is possible to supervise and evaluate the user. Remote assistance modules are available. ESABOR is presented to companies that want to have smart production line and on-the-job training.

In the field of Virtual Reality, training platforms for the large-scale companies of TURKEY are being developed.

Forward Air Controller Trainer has been developed for TurAF to improve skills for targeting and close air support mission in a high-fidelity simulated environment.



Simulation and Information Technologies

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