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Industry 4.0 is making industry applications more efficient by using the capability of the computer world. The technologies that are worked on today, such as IOT, augmented reality, robots, RFID, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, have begun to be integrated into industrial applications to increase productivity in production lines. These technologies offer many possibilities that can improve work efficiency.

Augmented Reality has been worked on since the 1960s, but has yet to become applicable through developments in the hardware world. Every day new ideas are being generated in this area, investments are planned and pilot projects are started. The size of the consumer market for the augmented reality applications is estimated to be $140 billion by 2020.

Main purpose of these investments is to reduce errors and is to save time. It is possible to develop many successful projects that will support industrial applications with augmented reality. Every company working in industry should learn about Industry 4.0 and analyze their processes. Each company should prepare an industry 4.0 strategic plan and follow the improvements.


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