Interactive Maintenance and Repair Guide

ESABOR is a system solution based on the "Augmented Reality" technology. It is designed to make it easier for workers to deal with the difficulties experienced in the maintenance / repair / usage of the complex devices. Enables the users to facilitate, supervise and evaluate the maintenance/repair/usage process remotely.

The system is an assistant created with 3D models, sound and menus that diplayed on the device that is maintained or repaired depend on the employee's point of view via augmented reality glasses or via a mechanism appropriate to the working conditions.

ESABOR is a training tool that can be used in the training of beginners and during the recurrrent training of the workers for complicated process, as well as facilitating operations during maintenance / repair / usage. It is possible to receive video recording during training to evaluate the workers. While training goes by it is possible to provide expertise support by connecting remotely.


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