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Augmented Reality is the enrichment of the real world environment with computer-generated inputs such as audio, video, graphics, or sensor data in the view of the user. Augmented Reality has been worked on since 1960s, but has just become feasible by the improvements in the hardware world. Smart glasses, mobile phones, tablet computers are hardware components that can be used in this area.

Nowadays, many investments are planned in this area and pilot projects have been started. The size of the consumer market for the augmented reality applications is estimated to be $140 billion by 2020.

The main disciplines to develop products in the field of Augmented Reality are image processing, computer graphics and machine learning. For a successfull Augmented Reality application, a high amount of experience is required in these fields.

SİMTEK has the experience of developing indoor / outdoor solutions in Augmented Reality technology. SİMTEK has created an extended library of algorithms that can respond to the needs of many different industries and can be adapted to fulfill the user needs. Besides this, SİMTEK continues the R&D to go further.


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