As a technology company, SİMTEK’s goal is to develop highly effective products with a professional approach for the needs of the industry


SİMTEK has been established to develop systems and training solutions with new technologies by foreseeing the effects that technological developments will bring about training world. Our company is a pioneer in developing solutions for professional users in the areas of Serious Games, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

SİMTEK team, which has been interested in Augmented Reality since 2009, is structured to develop products in the area of Augmented Reality. With R&D work, a large library of algorithms has been created that can be adapted to many different sector needs and tailored to the user.

SİMTEK has the experience of using Augmented Reality technology in indoor / outdoor environment. In addition to the products developed as an output of this experience, new R&D goes on. Having deeper knowledge is the first priority activity for SİMTEK. In particular, it has intensive knowledge, skills and interest in developing mathematical algorithms. SİMTEK, which is composed of engineers with deep knowledge, aims to develop the right solution in principle. Our team chooses "right business" rather than "every business". Our R&D projects, our products and our users are in line with the SİMTEK vision.

Customer expectations are analyzed in every aspect and the best solution is developed. It is part of our job to share our knowledge and technological vision with our customers to get the most efficient result. Binding people to technology is the basis of our business sense.


Simulation and Information Technologies

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